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🚀2 of the Startups we support won AIR from Flywheel💲

4 juil. 2024

🚀 We are delighted to announce that 2 of the Startups we support have won AIR from Flywheel, a financial instrument to support the development of POC amounting to 30,000 TND💲composed of 60% subsidy and 40% repayable advance .

Congratulations to DentistUp and Intake:

🦷DentistUp is a tele-expertise and social network platform exclusively designed for doctors and dentists. It facilitates global collaboration by enabling the sharing of clinical cases. Integrating services such as e-learning, marketplace and podcasts, DentistUP transforms medical collaboration and research by structuring clinical data for optimal exploitation of AI.
💊Intake is the first platform for selling personalized food supplements adapted to the specific needs of everyone. Supported by experts, Intake allows you to make an online diagnosis to find out the selection of tailor-made food supplements.

🤩 Congratulations to the project leaders and good luck. Your success is ours!

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