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Our programs

Whether you are in the process of developing your project, looking to raise funds, or wanting to develop it commercially (locally or internationally), Connect'Innov offers a variety of programs tailored to your needs.

Discover our programs and don't hesitate to join us!

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Connect’Innov Prep

Awareness, initiation to entrepreneurship and innovation & pre-incubation program

Connect’Innov Camp

Short, varied and complementary training program on the themes of entrepreneurship and innovation

Connect’Innov Studio

Program for creating innovative startups by the Connect'Innov team based on internal ideas developed and led by the team

Connect’Innov Lab

Incubation program for innovative startups in the ideation phase

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CI FAB.png

Connect’Innov Open Lab

Incubation program based on the co-creation of innovative projects between public structures/entities or groups and private companies in the field of HealthTech

Connect’Innov Fab

Acceleration program for innovative startups having validated their prototypes

Connect’Innov Rise

Investment Readiness Program designed to support startups and SMEs seeking to raise funds through a customized and individualized process

Connect’Innov Link

Connect innovative ecosystems together to create synergies and encourage the pollination of energies and creativity

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