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Acceleration at Connect'Innov is intended for project leaders who have already developed in-depth knowledge of the problem they are addressing, the market, the customers, and their products. They are in development or have already developed a prototype of their product. They are looking for a viable product or service so they can make their startup profitable and start making sales.

Thus, the acceleration at Connect'Innov is centered around:​

-Training: Through a program specially designed by the Connect'Innov team, provided by quality trainers to help you plan your Marketing, your Sales and make your startup more interesting in the eyes of investors.

-One2One sessions: You will have individual consultations with the Connect'Innov team, specific to the development needs of your sales, finances and your prototype.

-From the Connect'Innov Network: Participating in one of our pre-acceleration programs means being part of a diverse community of entrepreneurs, business angels, researchers and academicians in Tunisia and abroad, who can help you better carry out your project, but also facilitate your access to other markets and thus offer you other opportunities.


Current programs



HealthTech Acceleration Program

by Connect Innov

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