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At Connect'Innov, you will find all the answers to your needs, in terms of support and structuring for your projects. Thus, you will certainly find the support you need, thanks to our different programs, covering all the phases of a project's evolution.

Connect'Innov offers various programs, on 4 axes:
- Awareness and pre-incubation, mainly for students and young entrepreneurs, whose objective is to help analyze problems and conceptualize project ideas. [TRL 0-1]
- Incubation, aimed at projects that are a little more advanced in their research, which targets the description of needs and the value proposition. [TRL 1-3]
- Pre-acceleration, concerning projects that are moving into the prototype phase or have a nearly finished product. [TRL 4-6]
- Internationalization, aimed at entrepreneurs looking to expand their operations beyond local markets and access new foreign ecosystems.

Our Missions

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Building Bridges & Events

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Awareness & Pre Incubation

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