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2 Startups receive the AIR Grant !


23 nov. 2021

Connect Innov is honored to announce that 2 startups supported within a 100% HealthTech program are among the 11 startups that have received the AIR grant! Congratulations to Vision Hope (VIFE) and Kids Protect

The AIR grant is an instrument set up by Startup Tunisia, powered by Smart Capital as part of its FlyWheel program. It consists of a 60% grant and a 40% repayable grant. Its repayment, free of charge, without interest and equity-free, is due only in case of effective growth of the supported Startup.

A new step for our two startups to finalize their prototypes and to start fundraising.

A new support that demonstrates the quality of the projects, the support provided and their innovative potential!

Congratulations girls and thanks to all those who supported these projects and who believed in them!

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